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If they don’t come, we also welcome them.

genkakukigen, who describes himself as “an old, fat and lazy Zen Buddhist,” told this brief story about his Zen teacher: I once asked my Zen teacher why he didn’t make greater efforts to attract newcomers to the center he ran … Continue reading

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Why do the protesters keep saying “Allahu Akbar”?

A beautiful discussion at the website, LIBYA 17th February 2011, starts with the question above and an answer by CanadianLibyan who wrote: The words “Allahu akbar” have, unfortunately, acquired a sinister connotation. All they mean is “God is great” or … Continue reading

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Mary treasured all these things in her heart

Remembrance.  Pondering in depth.  Recounting for oneself the salient moments where Holy Mystery has visited us, blessing or perhaps wounding us to our core.  Over and over Luke’s Gospel points to this powerful and necessary task.  Mary’s task and our … Continue reading

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Were not our hearts burning within us

The numinous speaks to our hearts through story, events, sacred writing, sacred icons, though holy people and holy places, but also through what seem to be ordinary events, events which suddenly, mysteriously, disclose the transcendent in our midst.   And having … Continue reading

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