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Were not our hearts burning within us

The numinous speaks to our hearts through story, events, sacred writing, sacred icons, though holy people and holy places, but also through what seem to be ordinary events, events which suddenly, mysteriously, disclose the transcendent in our midst.   And having … Continue reading

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The Voice of the Lord Strips the Forests Bare

Lift up your hearts: We lift them up to the Lord:

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Liturgy of the Heart

This is a link to a wonderful post by Macrina Walker which summarizes a talk she went to back when she was still a Cistercian nun. The presenter was another Cistercian, Andre Louf, who died last month. He spent his … Continue reading

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Coming attractions

The poem whose title inspired this blog. This blog is about seeking the inner heart.  In Orthodoxy it’s called Hesychasm.   The practice is thought to predate even Christianity since many Eastern Traditions speak of the Heart as the Abode of … Continue reading

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