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Love your enemy – Part Deux

Is it easier to forgive someone if they’re nuts?  I suspect it is.  I think the (self-identified) Joker, who killed 12 and wounded 58 is nuts.  Insane.  Just like Brevik who killed many in Norway.  Indeed one wonders if the … Continue reading

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If they don’t come, we also welcome them.

genkakukigen, who describes himself as “an old, fat and lazy Zen Buddhist,” told this brief story about his Zen teacher: I once asked my Zen teacher why he didn’t make greater efforts to attract newcomers to the center he ran … Continue reading

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Islamic Heart Work

Like a poem.  A gift from the heart of Omid Safi.  Whose written word set fire to my own heart: In a cool mountain night, I put on a few pieces of wood on the fire, and stood there watching … Continue reading

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