This blog is about seeking the inner heart.  In Orthodoxy it’s called Hesychasm:  Stillness; inner quietude.   The practice is thought to predate even Christianity since many Eastern Traditions speak of the Heart as the Abode of the Divine.  The Psalms speak of it.  Desert spirituality is especially oriented to this practice.

The Prophet Hosea has these words:  “I will lure her into the desert and there I will speak to her heart.”   From inner quietude can spring a need to speak out on behalf of the suffering.   It’s happened in this blog.

The poem whose title inspired this blog.

Another blog – in tandem with this one.  Devoted to the Spiritual Priesthood we are called to, in virtue of our Baptism.

I’ve come to see that both of these tasks are two sides of a coin.  To the Divinization God seeks within each of us, the transformation, Transfiguration, which is God’s radical union with each of us.  In order to bring all things to Christ.  Who offers everything and every one to his Father!


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